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Baker Jade Yelvington

Elevenses Co is a project as imagined by barista and baker Jade Yelvington.

With an extremely talented and accomplished pastry chef for a mom, Jade truly grew up in the food industry. Ironically, it was something she said she'd never pursue professionally... until she discovered latte art which led her to the world of craft coffee with which she promptly fell in love.

While she's always enjoyed and greatly appreciated sweets, her love of baking took a little longer to manifest, but once it did there was no turning back. It really all started with one idea, for a slightly unusually flavored cake (cranberry, corn, and basil) that put her on the path to develop her own recipes.

Jade's baking style is deeply influenced by her upbringing and rooted in, above everything else, a commitment to quality and scratch made desserts and cakes. If there's a true happy medium between nostalgic homemade desserts you might find in your grandma's kitchen, and odd flavor combinations that you don't see everywhere- that's where we'd like to be. Floating around in a world full of beautiful, tasty, slightly quirky treats.

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