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custom designs, hand made, always from scratch

cakes are a specialty of ours; all are made with our signature style and thoughtfully tailored to suit the needs and style of you and your event. we love creating not only beautiful, artful cakes, but also cakes that taste incredible - hand made from scratch with fresh lovely ingredients. because, really, what good is a cake if it doesn't taste just as good as it looks?? 

cake flavors

the classics:

strawberry all day

strawberry cake, fresh strawberries, strawberry cream cheese

the purple one

ube vanilla cake, ube vanilla buttercream (classic with a twist, naturally purple)

the crowd pleaser

vanilla bean cake, dark chocolate ganache

raspberry almond

vanilla bean cake, almond buttercream, raspberry jam, chocolate ganache

triple dark chocolate

dutch chocolate cake, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream

salted caramel

vanilla butter cake, caramel buttercream, salted caramel sauce

chocolate berry

strawberry cake, dark chocolate ganache, fresh raspberries

lemon blueberry

lemon cake, fresh blueberries, lemon cream cheese

the seasonals


black tea cake, our seasonal cran-strawberry-passionfruit jam

s'mores **

chocolate graham cracker cake, homemade marshmallows, chocolate ganache

Screen Shot 2023-12-16 at 5.18.21 PM.png

** premium flavors will include an up-charge +$10 for 6" , +$15 for 8" , +$20 for 10"

additionally :
fillings can often be customized/substituted by request.

base cake flavors are
not customizable and cannot be mixed/matched (eg we do not offer custom colored cake layers, marbling, or cake types/flavors not on this list)

base cake flavors are : vanilla bean, ube vanilla, strawberry, dutch chocolate, lemon (seasonal:  black tea, chocolate graham)


cake sizing

4" mini round / heart

2-4 servings , starts at $50-$60

6" round / heart

8-12 servings , starts at $105 - $125

8" round / heart

15-20 servings , starts at $135 $150

10" round

25-35 servings , starts at $175



signature styles
to simplify the cake ordering process, we've made a collection of our most popular designs, which you can find in our cake order inquiry here (or click the green button below)! we update these designs every once in a while, so it always reflects where our passion for decorating is, along with what is in style for cakes at the moment!

cake flash
we also regularly put together collections of cake "flash" (inspired by tattoo artist's booking processes), which are one-of-a-kind designs available on a first-come-first-serve basis. cake flash is where we test out new ideas, and get a little more experimental, and/or make space for designs we've been dying to get our hands on.
when available, cake flash designs will be listed on our social media.

full custom
lastly, we do still offer full custom work! custom cakes are priced a little differently in that we have a minimum fee for accepting a full custom cake (the minimum for a single tier is $250 and minimum for tiered cakes is $1,200).
This is to ensure that the extra time and resources needed to create a full custom cake is accounted for.
For custom work, we still will not copy another's work or accept orders for designs that are outside of our style. This is a great option for those who want a showstopper or art piece cake, and typically the best option for wedding and/or tiered cakes.


Screen Shot 2023-12-29 at 2.39.21 PM.png

a note about style

just a heads up: while I am happy to take inspiration from photos of other cakes you love (and will often ask if you have inspiration photos at the start of the design process to get a feel for what you like), I will not directly copy another cake and along the same lines, will not take an order that is outside of my decorating "style".

cake decorating is an art form, and every cake decorator has their own style signature. I'm so thankful that so many of y'all love my work and have allowed me to build on and develop that style.

to place an order

above you'll find the link to our order-inquiry-form

please fill out this form to start the ordering process!

to best ensure availability, please place orders with a minimum of two weeks advance notice for small cakes, at least two months notice for highly custom cakes, or four months for tiered wedding cakes!

more notice may be recommended if you are looking to book a cake during event heavy/holiday months (most notably wedding season is October-May).

if you happen to find yourself needing a cake in less time, please feel free to reach out and check.

while we can never guarantee it, occasionally we may have availability with shorter notice.

payment and pickups

to book an order, I require pre-payment. after sorting out order details and once you've received a quote, payments can be made through venmo, cashapp, or through a digital invoice. orders will not be considered confirmeed until payment has been completed! all orders are non-refundable.

all pick-ups will be held at our VM Ybor store at: 

1001 E Columbus Dr. Tampa Fl 33605

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